About ChattyMatty

Let’s face it, dating apps are often about the looks and hook-ups. ChattyMatty is different. We’ve created a social environment that’s about meeting people based on shared interests. It’s not about the likes and it’s not about dates. ChattyMatty is designed for meaningful, in-depth interactions and conversations, where users are encouraged to engage in chatter that matters—for whatever reason. There is no swiping right on ChattyMatty, and in fact, we think the right swipe is possibly the worst invention since the Segway, plastic grocery bags and hydrogenated oils. Imagine all the missed extraordinary opportunities and late-night conversations, interactions & lasting friendships because the left swipe forgot to photo-edit their picture with their fabulous fake weekend in Dubai last night, or because an app simply doesn’t exist for someone who just wants a new bestie to talk to on the phone for hours. Users connect based on their sparkling personalities and ability to hold a conversation. Think of the type of connection or friendship that can create. ChattyMatty is a safe environment where the exchange of inappropriate pics is not a thing. Read that again. Rare you say? We think so. ChattyMatty users can ask another Matty for help perfecting an apple pie recipe, or just hang out and get chatty with someone who also enjoys golf, for example. The point is, if you’re looking for a hook-up, keep on swiping. On the other hand, if you’ve been lonely these past couple of years and are looking to reconnect and re-socialize in a way that’s a little less intimidating than stepping out the front door, you’re in the right place.

You may contact us in writing at the following address 75 South Broadway, 4th floor White Plains, NY 10601, UNITED STATES or by calling our toll-free customer service center: 1-866-350-5533 or via email at customercare@ChattyMatty.com.